I’m a Tantra Facilitator and Coach, and an Ecstatic Dance Music Journey Creator.

I love the life energy, it’s playfulness, and how it’s bubbling.  I try to live in the moment, creating a wonderful life for myself, listening to my heart and my love for myself.

In my facilitation and coaching, I support you to be present, find your inner peace, and love for yourself, using different exercises and methods as support. 

I have over 20 years of experience in coaching and facilitation. I have received feedback for creating a safe field, and high quality offerings. In my work I trust my intuition that creates spontaneity, and right on spot moments.

I’m a Tantric Life Coach and part of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) core group. I have a Msc in Adult Pedagogic, and I’m  an Ecstatic Dance music creator. 

I guess my attitude towards life has always been tantric. I started studying Tantra and Spiritual Development about 20 years ago, and my attitude towards life has also been influenced by a strong connection with nature, yoga, meditation, buddhism, dance, music and Waldorf Pedagogic.

For me a deep listening to myself is important, where I use my emotions, body, mind and heart as tools. The body is my temple that I deeply care about. It grounds me, and give me pleasure, and enjoyment – and it’s wisdom amazes me  over, and over again. 

Schedule a private session: annica.hill@souljoy.fi